University Relations

Directed Instruction

Some departments offer the opportunity to learn more about a course by assisting with teaching it to others. Students who have used this option report that they were required to think more deeply about the course material. Students also had the opportunity to advise fellow students, to work more closely with a faculty member, and to develop skills in public speaking and group leadership.

To register for Directed Instruction, you must have already taken the course and be particularly knowledgeable in the subject area. Departments have their own policies with respect to Directed Instruction, so you should consult with the faculty member involved and with departmental personnel.

You also should consult with your departmental advisers about the possible use of a Directed Instruction registration to meet a requirement for your major. Do not assume this happens automatically.

Registration, credit, and completion of the Student/Faculty contract are the same for all individualized registration options, including Directed Instruction. (See this page's Registration and Credit section.)

Feel free to contact CLA Career Services for assistance.