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Career Classes

Class times and availability for the following classes can be found under "Interdepartmental Study (ID)" on the OneStop site.

  • ID 1201 Major and Career Exploration (2 credits)
    Aimed at freshmen and sophomores

  • Are you undecided about which major to choose? Or, are you wondering what careers you can pursue with the major you have? In this class you'll learn about the foundations of career planning in relation to your interests. The course covers two main subjects:
    • Self-Assessment: Learn more about your skills, values, interests, and personality.
    • Exploring Options: Learn about majors available at the U, and how you can use your major to find a career you'll enjoy.
    We'll also introduce you to many of the resources available on campus, and help you explore the ways internships, community service, work experience, and travel can impact your future success.

  • ID 3201 Career Planning (2 credits)
    Aimed at juniors and seniors

  • Wondering what you'll do after graduation? This course provides you with tools to integrate your career options with your talents, values, interests and experience. You'll learn sophisticated job-search strategies like marketplace research, strategic resume writing, networking, and interviewing. You can also explore internship and grad school options.

    The goal is that you'll finish this class feeling the same way this former ID 3201 student felt: "This course gave me valuable information that I could not have received elsewhere. I feel much more confident about starting my career."

  • ID 3208 Internship Reflection (1 credit)
    Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors doing an internship

  • This is an online course.
    You must be doing an internship during the semester you take this class.
    The internship must be new and not continued from a previous semester.
    This course is only offered during fall and spring semesters. For summer term, directed study may be an option, although students are encouraged to check with their departments as well. To inquire about directed study through our office, contact

    Make the most of your internship, and earn credit at the same time! Through this online class, you'll examine and reflect on your internship experience. Among the many things you'll accomplish:
    • Tie your internship to your personal and career goals.
    • Learn what it means to be a "professional" working in professional environments.
    • Evaluate your internship performance and accomplishments, and get feedback from others.
    • Develop a strong resume that demonstrates your knowledge and skills. Learn how to incorporate your internship experiences into a resume.
  • ID 3205 Law School Exploration (2 credits)
    Offered select spring semesters only

  • Thinking about law school? This class helps you evaluate the pursuit of law school and a career in law.

    In the early part of the class, you'll learn more about your unique interests, values, preferences and skills. After that, you'll explore law school and the careers and specialties within the field of law. Later in the class, you'll begin to assess more specifically which undergraduate activities and experiences might help you get into law school. For example, you'll learn about helpful classes to take to make yourself a good law school candidate, helpful volunteer positions or internships, and much more.

    Assignments include informational interviews and off-campus site visits that allow you to examine the reality of attending law school and becoming a lawyer.

Questions? Contact CLA Career Services, which administers these classes.